I live in the small market town of Brampton in north east Cumbria close to the Northumberland border and Hadrian's Wall

My artistic skills are largely self taught having enjoyed sketching and drawing since my early teens. At school, I studied art up to A level and upon leaving school, my career path took me initially into the financial services industry and more recently into lecturing and training. During this time I continued to develop my drawing and sketching skills and ever since my school days I have enjoyed working with pencil with most of the work I have produced being in this medium. I enjoy seeing the results that can be achieved by using a combination of both soft and hard pencils and the range of effects that can be produced by blending and toning different pencil shades to give an almost photographic appearance.

Much of my very early work consisted of black and white pencil drawings of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, two of my boyhood heroes! After a while I started to work more on landscapes and detailed drawings of buildings, some of which were produced using coloured pencils. Achieving the level of detail I like to see in my work takes a considerable amount of time with many of my drawings taking several months to complete.

I have now built up a broad portfolio of both black and white and colour pencil drawings, consisting of originals as well as limited edition prints.

Although I have been producing drawings for many years, it is only recently that my work has gone on public display. My drawings can currently be seen at various craft fairs and small galleries in the north of the county and I hope to be able to continue taking my work to new audiences.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work

For enquiries about purchasing any of my work or for possible commissions please e mail me with details of your requirements at mail@dmdrawings.co.uk  

David Mandle